Open House - Bruce Beach Drain Project Meeting Notes

Open House - Bruce Beach Drain Project Meeting Notes

Point Clark Community Centre
May 25, 2019 10:00 a.m.

Bruce Beach Drain Open House

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 the Point Clark Community Centre.

2. Introductions

2.1 Introductions

Chair Sid Vander Veen introduced himself. He is educated as a Civil Engineer and served as Drainage Coordinator for OMAFRA for 28 years and retired in December 2018.

In his role at OMAFRA he provided advice on the Drainage Act to property owners, municipalities, engineer and drainage Superintendents all across Ontario. He taught courses, workshops and provided lectures on the Drainage Act for municipalities and other interest groups.

Prior to OMAFRA Mr. Vander Veen spent four years with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Mr. Vander Veen explained he would be facilitating the meeting and answering questions on the Drainage Act.

Members of Council in attendance, Mayor Mitch Twolan, Deputy Mayor Don Murray, Councillors, Lillian Abbott, Jim Hanna and Jeff Elliott

Township Staff: Grant Collins , Drainage Superintendent, John Yungblut, Director of Public Works, Emily Dance, Clerk and Kelly Lush, Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant.
Dietrich Engineering Staff include: Steve Brickman, P.Eng., Greg Nancekivell and Shannon Tweedle.

Mr. Vanderveen explained that the purpose of the meeting was to facilitate the exchange of information to allow the Township and the Engineer to obtain information to prepare a practical design solution for the drainage problems along Bruce Beach Road.
Mr. Vanderveen requested that anyone in attendance sign-in at the front before leaving the meeting. He explained that as per the Township procedural By-Law recording devices were not permitted without prior approval.

He explained that questions would be heard one at a time through the facilitator, they should be kept brief and related to the project area only. It was noted that detailed design and cost-sharing has not yet been completed therefore questions on this subject should be avoided. Speaker would be required to identify themselves with their name and property address prior to posing a question or comment.

A projector screen was provided dedicated to displaying the question asked and an answer provided in the same manner.

3. Information

3.1 Bruce Beach Drain

Steve Brickman, P.Eng, Dietrich Engineering provided the background of the project, the proposed concepts and a summary of the comments received through the Have your Say HK website.


4. Question and Answer

4.1 Opportunity for the Public to ask Questions

Summary of all questions.

5. Summations and Next Steps

5.1 Review of Next Steps

The Engineer thanked everyone for coming. The next steps include moving forward with investigating a few concepts further to come up with a recommend detailed design taking in to account the public input received from the Have your Say website and information gathered from the open house.
The Township agreed to open the Have your Say website to allow any members of the public to add further comments.

6. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.


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