DRAIN-2022-01-2 - C11-DRA22 - Municipal Drain Status Update - January 2022

The Corporation of the Township of Huron-Kinloss


# Staff Report

Report Title: Municipal Drain Status Update

Prepared By: Grant Collins, Drainage Superintendent
Department: DRAIN
Date: Jan. 17, 2022
Report Number: DRAIN-2022-01-2 File Number: D08 DRAINS



That the Township of Huron-Kinloss Committee of the Whole hereby receives for information Report Number DRAIN-2021-01-2 prepared by Grant Collins, Drainage Superintendent.


A number of Municipal Drainage projects are in various stages of completion. This report is to provide Council with an update on each drain’s progress.
The COVID pandemic has complicated the Drainage Act process which centers on gathering and disbursing information and the requirement to ensure that everyone in the watershed is well informed. However, with limited in person interactions and virtual meeting formats, the various drain projects are advancing.


Black Creek: This file has been transferred to RJ Burnside for completion. They are awaiting all the information from Dietrich Engineering to proceed with the project.

Bruce Beach Phase 1: The report was received and given 1st and 2nd reading in July 2021. Subsequently there were 3 appeals received, none of which pertained to the design of the project. This allowed OMAFRA to provide an Emergency Order declaration so that construction could begin before all the appeals were heard by the Ontario Drainage Tribunal. One appeal has since been dismissed by the Tribunal with the other 2 to be addressed in February.

Construction began in November 2021 with brushing and clearing of the working corridor. After the Christmas break, work commenced again on January. 5, 2022 with
progress on the detention pond construction. It is anticipated that the project should be completed in February.

Bruce Beach Phase 2: As with Phase 1, this project is being designed by Headway Engineering. An information meeting for the watershed involved will be held shortly and the report should come forward before spring so that construction can occur in late summer.

Clark Creek: K. Smart and Assoc. – The report was received in December 2021 with the Court of Revision being held on January 10, 2022. Construction should be possible this summer.

Emerson: Dietrich Engineering – The first segment of the drain project has been completed essentially. A requirement of DFO was to complete the work in 2 segments. The upper half of the drain will be completed this summer.

Hamilton: K. Smart and Assoc. – The new landowner of the Hackett farm is interested in enclosing a significant portion of the open drain. The engineer has done some initial design and submitted it to DFO for their comment and permission to proceed.
MacIntyre: Dietrich Engineering - Construction in progress, awaiting final arrangements with landowner to complete the open ditch excavation.

Park Street: RJ Burnside – The engineer has completed his design and is ready to prepare his report. However, there is a discrepancy in the size required for the Storm Water Management Pond between RJ Burnside and the engineer for the developer. Once they reach agreement on what is necessary, the project can move forward. We are awaiting information from the developer’s engineer.

Pennell: Dietrich Engineering – A site meeting was held in the fall of 2020 to gather initial concerns. Design is in progress and a second information meeting to relay the proposed solution to the landowners should be held this spring.

Robert MacDonald: Dietrich Engineering – The report has been passed and tendered with construction to commence late this summer.

Sutton: Headway Engineering – This was the re-alignment of a closed drain west of Kinlough. As only one landowner was involved for assessment, it was a straightforward project and has now been completed.

Financial Impacts:

The Municipality is responsible for any assessments to all Municipal lands and roads as determined by the engineer.

Strategic Alignment / Link:

We are a prosperous community that continues to grow in a sustainable manner by strengthening our agricultural and agri-business sectors.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Grant Collins, Drainage Superintendent

Approved By:

Mary Rose Walden, Chief Administrative Officer

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