BBMD - Phase 1 - Tribunal Hearing and Construction update (3)

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Staff Report

Report Title: Bruce Beach Municipal Drain Phase 1 – Tribunal Hearing and

Construction Update (3), Bruce Beach Municipal Drain – Phase II Prepared By: Grant Collins, Drainage Superintendent, Emily Dance, Clerk Department: DRAIN

Date: Feb. 7, 2022

Report Number: DRAIN-2022-02-3 File Number: E09-BRU Ph1

L09 BRU Ph1




THAT the Township of Huron-Kinloss Committee of the Whole hereby
receives for information Report DRAIN-2022-02-3 prepared by Grant
Collins, Drainage Superintendent and Emily Dance, Clerk.



Gary and Karen Pollock, Mark and Samira Gancevich submitted appeals to
Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal under Section 54 of
the Drainage Act, with respect to the Bruce Beach Municipal Drain, Phase

Construction - Bruce Beach Municipal Drain – Phase I and Phase II

On October 1, 2021, the Township received emergency designation for the
Bruce Beach Municipal Drain – Ph 1 which allowed for the construction
of Phase 1 of the Bruce Beach Municipal Drain (pond, ravine work) to
proceed without risk of procedural violations under the Drainage Act.



It was brought to the Tribunals attention that the scheduled hearing
date for the Bruce Beach Municipal Drain Phase I of February 21 and
February 22 fell on the “Family Day” holiday. The electronic hearing has
been rescheduled to Thursday March 3 and Friday March 4, 2022. The
meeting is open to the public (request for
log in details must be sent to the Tribunal) and notice has been sent to
all persons
assessed or compensated in the engineer’s report.

Construction Bruce Beach Municipal Drain – Phase I

The contractor worked every working day in January with a full crew

  • The grading of the detention centre is approximately 90%

  • The pipe system in the ravine has been installed including the
    manholes and catch basins

  • The sub surface and surface pipes have been installed across Lake
    Range Drive including the catch basin on the east side

  • Approximately 50% of the fill in the ravine has been placed and

Upcoming activities:

  • Continue placing and compacting fill in the ravine
  • Install the outlet structure in the detention centre
  • Finalize grading in the detention centre (excluding topsoil)]{.p}

Council previously raised a question regarding the guardrails on the
west side of Lake Range at the ravine, staff can confirm that guardrails
will be replaced once the work is complete.

Bruce Beach Municipal Drain – Phase II

A virtual information meeting is scheduled for Saturday February 5,
2022, at 9:00am. The review will cover the type and design of the
drainage system, the estimated costs and the proposed assessments.
All the property owners within the watershed have been sent an
invitation and the information is posted on the “Have your say HK”

Financial Impacts:

Associated legal costs are unknown at this time.

Strategic Alignment / Link:

We are an accessible community by being open and transparent.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Grant Collins, Drainage Superintendent
Emily Dance, Clerk

Approved By:

Mary Rose Walden, Chief Administrative Officer

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