BBCA HK Candidate Meet & Greet

Mayoral Candidates

Don Murray

  • Currently on council as Deputy Mayor
  • Concentrate on the beach, support agriculture
  • Respect everyone
  • It’s been tough on municipalities due to COVID
  • 5 million in grant money for the area
  • Good working relationship with local MPs

Angela Thompkins

  • 40 yrs in tech industry
  • launched multiple services
  • 30 yrs at TD Bank
  • ran governance commitees
  • common sense thinking, looking at issues
  • promoting community, maintain way of life
  • maintain growth
  • learned that people come forward only when there are problems

Roxy Bergman

  • Did not attend

Deputy Mayoral Candidates

Jim Hanna

  • Councillor for 22 yrs
  • resident in the area, professional engineer
  • runs farms in the area still
  • daughter is a dentist in Wingham
  • township has no debit, healthy res?, good maintenance of material
  • West of Hwy 21 → 70% township revenues
  • all councillors available for contact

Perry Elliott

  • farmer on Thames - 67 yrs
  • crane operator
  • went to a few council meetings, got no answers, meeting adjourned
  • too many questions unanswered
  • admits he’s not a good speaker

Councillor Candidates

Carl Sloetjes (incumbent)

  • 3 terms here, 19 yrs total
  • enjoyed the experience, so running again
  • wants to give back to community
  • if he doesn’t get elected just wants people to collaborate and cooperate

Lllian Abbott (incumbent)

  • 24+ yrs on council
  • working to finish the drain, finish the lighthouse, natural gas brought in, standpipe funded for Lucknow
  • have to work together
  • asks for your endorsement
  • works at the library

Larry Allison

  • Retired now lives in Lurgan Beach
  • Previous work experience in the GTA as an “Embay”
  • Past Chair of hospital board
  • worked on the DGR

Brian MacEachern

  • Concerned with township spending
  • increased from $20M - > $28M - up 4%
  • rein in spending
  • concerned about growth - 12th concession
  • plan was 2.5 units/acre - developer has 9 homes/acre
  • fudged their numbers to get more units/acre

Alan Church

  • Recently retired, from Hamilton, now lives in Lucknow
  • worked with privacy board
  • Interested in the gap between community and government
  • activist - sees something wrong → stands up
  • will ask hard questions, politely
  • Support me - I’ll support you

Ed McGugan (incumbent)

  • Did not attend

Shari Flett

  • Did not attend

Scott Gibson

  • Did not attend