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In 2018 the Director of Public Works signed a petition for a Municipal Drain to alleviate flooding and provide improved drainage control on Bruce Beach Road North of the 8th Concession.

On November 19, 2018, Council appointed Dietrich Engineering to prepare the report which on May 3, 2021, the responsibility was transferred to Headway Engineering.

Dietrich Engineering Limited attended the October 14, 2020, Council Meeting to provide Council with an update on the project, and to discuss potential phasing options which will allow for the construction of the most critical components of the design as soon as possible to increase the safety of the public. A description of the possible phasing of the south portion of the project is as follows:

Phase I

Phase I includes the construction of the detention facility east of Lake Range Drive; the Lake Range Drive road crossing; and improvements to the ravine downstream of Lake Range Drive to Bruce Beach Road.

Phase II

Phase II includes the construction of a drainage system directly affecting properties on the east side of Bruce Beach Road between Concession 8 Road and the ravine, and an outlet to Lake Huron.

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